The prospect of cosmetic plastic surgery, having a vacation is attracting many foreigners to Medellin offering Rhinoplasties and breast augmentations, tummy tuck and other procedures.

Medellin’s prestige as an important destination for medical treatment and tourism and aesthetic procedures has spread beyond the country’s borders to accomodate patients from all over the globe! Every year, thousands of foreigners from Central America, the Caribbean, Israel, Spain, England, Italy and the United States come to the city of Medellin for medical procedures. Medellin, Colombia is fast becoming known as a center for cheap cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Latin America. Medellin’s plastic surgeons offer a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures including nose surgery (rhinoplasty), breast surgery (augmentation, lifting and reduction), facial rejuvenation surgery (face and neck lifts, eyelid and brow surgery), facial and body reshaping (liposuction, abdominoplasty, chin augmentation and facial augmentation as well as most other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures). The medellin clinics has vastly experienced practice and have dealt with many plastic surgery cases for people in the world. Many tourist from all over the world are flying into this medellin Colombian city to have their tummies tucked, their faces lifted, botox injected, their noses reshaped, breasts augmented, unwanted fat removed, lips made more plump, and even to get their butts made more full and shapely.

Cosmetic plastic treatments like Small noses, well shaped butts, big breasts, full lips, and thin stomachs seem to be the driving muses behind the Medellin cosmetic surgery explosion, and women are flocking from all corners of the globe to try to buy a body like Shakira. The women in Medellin are said to be some of the most gorgeous women in the country, and this may be due in part to the scalpel and the masked men whose business is beauty. In Colombia, cosmetic surgery gained popularity with the narco-estética (what drug traffickers think is beautiful) fashion trend, but has now matured into a thriving industry. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested into developing Medellin’s cosmetic surgery facilities for foreign clientele, and literally hundreds of clinics have sprung up around the city. Medical tourism was actually part of Medellin’s six prong revival plan, and since its inception in 2008, this industry has brought in $7 million dollars and has serviced over 5,000 foreigners.


Cosmetic surgical procedures

Cosmetic surgical procedures

The cosmetic plastic surgery cost has vary according to the treatment and procedures. It is based on a $1.800/USD exchange rate. Prices may vary due to changes in the representative market rate, for Esthetictrip internal estimates and according to the condition of each patient. Cost of treatment is a big incentive for most who decide to take the trip to Medellin for their elective surgery/procedure. Often times as much as 50% less than that of comparable procedures in the USA, Europe or elsewhere, it is easy to see how many patients ultimately choose Medellin as their destination of choice in the emerging medical tourism industry.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons and Centers in Medellin

You can choose a cosmetic plastic surgeon in Medellin from this list with confidence, knowing that he or she possesses exceptional training, outstanding credentials and experience with all areas of the face and body.

Dr. Jorgen-wilcken

Doctor Jorgen Wilcken is a Colombian plastic surgeon born in the city of Barranquilla in the beautiful Atlantic Colombian coast. After finishing High School in Barranquilla Dr. Wilcken studied medicine in one of the coast’s most prestigious universities, the Universidad del Norte. In 1998 he finished his plastic surgery specialization at the Hospital General de Ipanema in Brasil.

Dr. Sergio Arango

Dr. Sergio Arango is a complete plastic surgery practice in medellin, Colombia that offers an extensive selection of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery treatments to achieve results that are beautiful and natural. Dr. Sergio Arango uses the newest and most modern techniques to enhance patient’s appearance and accomplish your most desired results. The clinic is well-equipped with today’s most sophisticated surgical facilities and high-end technology, boasting innovative techniques in breast, body and facial procedures. It is the exceptional surgical care, safe and professional practice that positioned the clinic among the top plastic surgery clinics in Latin America. The clinic’s staff strives to provide the best possible surgical outcomes in a setting that embodies the superior standards you deserve.

Clínica La Font

Clínica La Font, in Bogotá D.C., Colombia, is located in an exclusive high tech five story smart building. The Clinic is directed by Dr. Fernando Pedroza and Dr. Lina Valero, plastic surgeons in Colombia, both physicians have their private practice in this modern facility offering all patients the best, warming and cutting edge treatments of cosmetic and plastic surgery, including Breast augmentation surgery. Additionally, at this exclusive building, Clinica La Font offers first class service at its own Hotel Boutique and Medical Spa for relax and comfort of all their patients.

Medical Center, Medellin, Colombia

A modern, technologically advanced medical center, designed to handle complex procedures in a variety of medical specialties, with over 100 physicians. The staff can speak English and Spanish, and can asist with transporation and accommodations.

Hum Clinic

Hum Clinic gain her name and fame due to her best services of plastic surgeries and non-surgical services. The clinic deals in facial surgery that can enrich your facial and neck beauty through latest surgical methods.It includes reduction of fat at neck and face cheek area. The clinic provides a wide range of procedures that can enhance the appearance of patients’ facial features. From facelift to rhinoplasty and chin implants procedures and other plastic surgery options, Colombian residents as well as those of the surrounding areas have access to superior surgical care through HUM Plastic Surgery. Please visit this link to see the entire list of facial procedures.