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Ask anyone exactly what the best city is to trip to have plastic surgery and nine times from ten you will be told to visit Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has become a reference in plastic surgery on the planet. It is estimated that more than 500.000 plastic surgeries are carried out per year in the country. Currently Brazil is just behind the United States in this regard. Besides Rio have some of the best plastic surgeons on the planet but it is a spectacular city with first-class hotels and restaurants. To recoup here, after surgery, will likely be quite delightful.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second largest city and residential to the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy and the clinic, Clínica Ivo Pitanguy, where dozens of cosmetic surgeons train each year. Brazil like a country takes the award of most pliable surgeons per capita, with more than 4,500 licensed cosmetic surgeons working in the country of 192 million people. Medical tourists flock to Rio for popular procedures for example tummy tucks, breast augmentations, face lifts and rhinoplasty, which often run from $3,000 to $6,500.

Plastic Surgery Clinics Rio De Janeiro

Brazileza International

Affordable plastic surgery is arranged by this company in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Customers can contact the organization quoting the price they can afford and also the company arranges procedures having a surgeon who offers services in the price in Brazil. Accommodation and hospital arrangements are created by the company in Rio De Janeiro. Aftercare can also be provided for patients in consultation using the surgeon after the procedure is finished. Representatives of the company will arrange transport for overseas patients for departure.

MDibe Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery procedures are supplied at this clinic located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Surgical body reconstruction for cancer patients is really a specialty offered by the clinic. Procedures performed include breast implantation, surgery from the abdomen, Minilipo weight loss surgery, liposuction, cosmetic surgical reshaping from the facial organs including nose and eyelids, skin surgery for cancer of the skin patients, facial reconstructive surgery and use of chemical peels for treating acne along with other skin blemishes.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Rio De Janeiro

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Rio De Janeiro

Clinica Leger Rio de Janeiro

An extensive list of cosmetic surgical procedures is conducted at the clinic. Plastic surgery correction from the facial organs, the jawline, breast enlargement and silicone gel implantation, weight reduction using Liposculpture, surgical facelifts and buttocks lifts are carried out at the clinic. Non surgical dermal filler injections are administered for pressing and facial rejuvenation. Reconstructive plastic surgery for post cancer treatments and scarring removal are also provided in the clinic.

Dr. Eduardo Sucupira Plastic Surgery

This 130 square metre clinic is located in Barra Da Tijuca in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Dr. Eduardo Sucupira the plastic surgeon at the clinic assists patients select how they wish to look and feel. Advanced techniques assuring of the art equipment are utilized at the clinic. Plastic surgery procedures and alternative treatments are provided at the clinic. Plastic surgical treatments to alter the aspects of facial organs breasts and abdomen are carried out. Alternative treatments like acupuncture and Shiatsu will also be provided at the clinic.

Domingos De Paola Plastic Surgery Clinic

It is an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic founded by Dr. Domingos De Paola, a plastic surgeon with 33 years of expertise and well kown by it´s lectures in Congresses all across the world. Dr. Domingos has extensive experience of performing aesthetic plastic surgery “cutting edge” procedures, because the very new MACS lift a “weekend” Face-lift with very little down time. Facial surgery in addition to breast and butt implants (Brazilian Butt) and liposuction would be the most common procedures he performs. Having a very friendly staff Dr. Domingos´clinic is within Copacabana surrounded by several good hotels. Non surgical aesthetic remedies are also provided.