If you are considering plastic surgery or have already decided, you will certainly need contacts which are more highly-recommended plastic surgery clinics in Prague

The Czech Republic – especially its beautiful and historic capital, Prague – is among the newly emerging medical tourism destinations. High standards of Plastic surgery match low prices – and this central European country is nearer to the UK than you may think with frequent inexpensive flights from various British airports.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Prague

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Prague

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Prague

Because plastic surgery isn’t something that one undergoes every single day, and moreover because it can make a significant effect on one’s appearance and self-image, it is very important that you can rely on good the best professionals both for the surgery itself as well as for pre-surgery consultations, as well as post-op care and support.

Esthe Plastic Surgery Clinic

The famous plastic surgery clinic of the renowned plastic surgeon Jan Mestak is found in the center of Prague on Na Prikope.The Esthe clinic opened in 1997 underneath the expert leadership of the experienced and famous Doctor Jan Mestak M.D., Ph.D. Its foundation was financed by Count Kolowrat, who thus enabled the establishment from the private medical facility, now probably the most sought-after in the areas of plastic surgery, laser surgery, and corrective dermatology within the Czech Republic.

Perfect Clinic Plastic Surgery Clinic

The high-end Perfect Clinic Plastic Surgery Clinic opened this year, and just one year later it opened another branch in Liberec. The caliber of this plastic surgery clinic in Prague and Liberec can be seen in the quality care supplied by its experienced plastic surgeons led by Drs. Roman Kufa and Zdenek Pros, as well as in its high standard of services.

Asklepion clinic

If you’re looking for the proverbial fountain of youth, or else you want to perfect those imperfections within your body with the help of plastic surgery, contact the experts in the Prague-based Asklepion clinic – one of the foremost plastic surgery clinics not just in the Prague area, but in the entire Czech Republic.

Plastika Praha Private Surgery Clinic

Plastika Praha is really a modern private surgery clinic focusing on the area of plastic esthetic surgery in Prague.The top of the team of cosmetic surgeons is doctor Tomas Dolezal who is among the top experts not only in the Czech Republic. Doležal works being an expert supervisor of the Allergan Company in Natrelle breast implants used at his clinic and it has participated in internships in the United States, Austria, Germany, England and Greece.

Price of Plastic surgery in Prague

Package ‘plastic surgery’ holidays to Prague are popular – first of all you will save money as costs for cosmetic remedies are substantially lower compared to western areas of the EU, and secondly you will notice a beautiful European city.

Cost of Plastic surgery in Prague

Cost of Plastic surgery in Prague

Among the other reasons why people choose Prague like a plastic surgery holiday destination is that Czech surgeons must pass a number of exams and meet numerous strict regulations before they’re licensed, thus it guarantees a professional treatment. You won’t possess a difficult time finding a doctor who speaks English, since most clinics cater especially to foreigners.

Surgery clinics in Prague provide treatments from complex procedures to small cosmetic skin treatments at extremely huge discounts; these include facelift, neck lift, eye bag removal, nose refinement, breast augmentations, breast reduction, breast enhancement, ear correction, abdominoplasty, liposuction, varicose vein removal, hair replacement etc.

If you’re thinking of taking any of the offered treatments, it’s best first to contact a few clinics, get different quotes after which decide the day on which to create an appointment.

Plastic surgery examples –

Treatment Prague Price UK Price from
Blepharoplasty (upper and lower) £ 1100 £ 2300 – 3900
Otoplasty (prominent ears) £ 800 £ 1800 – 2200
Face lift/neck lift with chin liposuction £ 2300 £ 5600
Nose surgery £ 1250 – 1700 £ 3700 – 4500
Breast enlargement – silicon implants £ 2100 – 2400 £ 4500
Abdominplasty (tummy tuck) £ 1750 – 2100 £ 5600
Breast sculpting £ 1700 – 1950 £ 5600