Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in Lebanon. Doctors say women are popular country to get cosmetic procedures due to Lebanon's numerous health professionals and inexpensive price points.

Today in Lebanon, you can actually tell not just if someone has had cosmetic surgery, but which doctor operated in it

The Lebanese plastic surgery industry boomed in 2000 and it has continued to expand rapidly since. Despite constant political instability and recurring wars, Lebanese women are well-known for his or her beauty and their meticulous grooming. “It’s essential,” says Mona Faris, head of promotions on Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism.

Plastic Surgery in Lebanon

Plastic Surgery in Lebanon

Today, Lebanon is the Mecca of plastic surgery in the Middle East, customers fly in from around the world as well as from the region. It’s just too large right now, that in 2009, Zeina El Haj founded a travel agent designed only for plastic surgery patients. Her company, Image Concept, allows patients to set up their surgeries, along with their hotel and flights, discreetly. Based on El Haj, business has increased by 50 percent in the last year alone.

Most of the clients who visit Lebanon specifically for plastic surgery come from Gulf countries in which the concept is still somewhat taboo, opting instead for Lebanon’s more liberal climate and much more competitive rates. However, doctors say they get a fair number of Americans and Europeans too due to the much higher costs of getting surgeries performed in the West.

Some surgeries, like a nose job, cost a fraction in Lebanon of the items they would in the United States. Rhinoplasty costs around $9,000 within the U.S., while in Lebanon exactly the same procedure costs only $2,000.

A lot of companies offer package deals including transportation and accommodation. A cosmetic surgery tourism initiative, launched with a private company under the auspices from the tourism ministry, includes post-operation rest and recuperation in stellar resorts as well as summer camps for patients’ children.
The Dubai-based firm Image Concept handles all bookings and accommodation for tourists seeking cosmetic surgery in Lebanon, that is famed for its skilled yet affordable surgeons.

Plastic Surgery Clinics Lebanon

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Plastic Surgery Clinic Beirut

Dr. Hamdan and the knowledgeable staff at Cosmetic Surgery Clinic focus on providing their patients with the better of care in a comfortable and safe environment. Dr. Hamdan provides a professional, personal in-depth consultation to his patients to reply to questions and discuss individual goals. Cosmetic procedures are carried out in a safe, state-of-the-art on-site outpatient surgery suite, or maybe necessary, in a hospital setting. This helps to ensure that you will receive the best possible treatment, as well as the personal attention and privacy required to guarantee your comfort.

LOOK & FEEL Your very best

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic specializes in facial enhancement and rejuvenation procedures including nose surgery, eyelid surgery, facelifts, Liquid FaceLifts, Lifestyle Lifts, Brow lifts, Strategy to lines and wrinkles, Fillers as well as variations of Mesotherapy. Also available at the clinic is a full-range of cosmetic surgery procedures such as body contouring, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast reduction by Liposuction, and breast enhancement. In fact, Dr. Hamdan is one of several surgeons in the region that offer the transumbilical (TUBA) or navel breast augmentation. Our patients’ satisfaction comes from our firm belief that cosmetic surgery isn’t just about looking your best, but additionally about feeling your best. For your end, Dr. Hamdan has combined his extensive medical and surgical training together with his warmth and compassion to assist hundreds of patients achieve their set goals.

Medic8 Orthodontist Jounieh

Jounieh in Lebanon is the location of the clinic where a wide range of medical and services are provided by an expert and experienced team. Current and personalized treatments are provided tailored based on the unique needs of each individual patient. The household oriented team offers services for patients of every age group. Cost effective services are provided for overseas patients. Services from the clinic include ophthalmology, aesthetic dermatology, nutrition and dietetics, general dental hygiene, children’s dentistry, laser based dentistry, child and adult orthodontics, cosmetic dental work, restorative dentistry and implant dentistry.