Plastic surgery is a growing form in medical tourism, including Malaysia.Its enjoying medical tourist from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and USA for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

Making important decisions about cosmetic plastic surgery is personal and subjective.Your best friend’s plastic surgeon who performed her beautiful tummy tuck might not be the right choice for your breast augmentation. Referrals from friends are nice, but so much more goes into making the life-changing choices associated with any cosmetic surgery procedure. Travel surgery abroad is Australia’s affordable plastic surgery secret and more and more cosmetic surgery patients are discovering the incredible quality of care and exceptional prices of travel surgery to Malaysia.

The benefits of plastic surgery holidays to Malaysia are extensive and include:

  • Surgery, travel expenses and recovery at a 5-star resort for the price of just surgery at home in Australia.
  • Round-the-clock nursing care and attending staff that caters to your every need during recovery.
  • Unique opportunities to combine procedures in one surgery for less anesthesia time and faster recovery.
  • World-class physicians and Western standards of medicine for a fraction of the cost you’d pay in Australia.
  • Take advantage of incredible savings on other procedures, like dental whitening, other dental work and laser eye surgery.
  • Rest and recover in luxurious comfort, free from the hassles of your normal daily routine.
  • Return home rejuvenated and refreshed from a holiday like never before.

Cost Effective Plastic Surgery

Averagely, a double eyelid surgery costs about RM3000 to RM4000 and a lower eyelid surgery costs about RM3000 to RM4000 as well. A Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose augementation will cost approximately RM3000 to RM6000. A face lift in Malaysia will cost RM12,500 to RM17,000, and a neck lift, which is significantly lower is cost, is about RM6000 to RM7500.

Plastic surgery in Malaysiasurgery in Malaysia

Plastic surgery in Malaysia

If one considers on getting a breast augmentation, including implants, it will costs RM12,500 to RM16,500 and a liposuction will cost around a wide price range of RM7500 to RM15,000, depending on the area one intends to do it. A tummy tuck will cost RM16,000 to RM18,000 if it is under 80 kilograms, but it will cost around RM22,000 to RM24,000 if it is over 80 kilograms. A chin augmentation will cost around RM5000 to RM6000. And all the prices mentioned varies in the cost range depending on the facility, doctor, and the area of which the surgery will be done.

Suggested plastic surgery clinic in Malaysia

Once you committed to proceed with the surgery, here are some recommendations:

  • Skin Club: Skin Club is Malaysia’s first lifestyle cosmetic spa, a place to perfect the face, sculpt the body and soothe the spirit in a unique fun and exciting way. Procedure offers range from acne management to breast surgery and liposuction.
  • KO Skin Specialist: KO Skin Specialist was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ko Chung Beng, which offer full service medical, aesthetic, laser treatment and light therapy skin specialist centre. Services offered are double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, fat transfer, and many more.

Here in Malaysia we have fine surgeons, world-class medical facilities, sophisticated shopping, magnificent beaches and wonderful weather. To take full advantage of all of these, the medical tourist should remember that they are here first and foremost for medical treatment.

You only have one body, love it and make the best decision for it. Most importantly, be happy.