Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery relating to the nose, for apperance ( cosmetic surgery) and reconstructive surgery.

The process can be carried out with local or general anesthetic. Normally, this is decided after consultaion between Doctor and Patient. The operation typically takes 1 to 2 hours but can be longer for additional complex reconstruction.

Nose surgery in Brazil

Nose surgery in Brazil

A surgical procedure that is usually performed by either an otolaryngologist (neck and head surgeon), maxillofacial surgeon, or plastic surgeon in order to improve the function (reconstructive surgery) or even the appearance (cosmetic surgery) of a human nose

Nose surgery in Brazil

The nose surgery in Brazil is advised to everyone who undergoes psychological and social distress because of the shape and size of his/her nose.The aim of the nose surgery procedure in Brazil would be to improve the nose aesthetically, alter the shape of the tip or bridge, narrow the length of nostrils and make it compared with the forehead, chin and also the cheekbones etc.Age and gender: Unless it’s a result of an accident, you are advised to hang about until you reach full maturity, usually around sixteen.There isn’t any age limit though, however, you need to be aware that as you mature, the skin takes longer to heal.

The process Nose surgery in Brazil

During surgery your skin of the nose is separated from the supporting framework of bone and cartilage, that is then sculpted to the desired shape.The character of the sculpting will depend on your condition and your surgeon’s preferred technique. Finally, your skin is redraped over the new framework.Many cosmetic surgeons perform rhinoplasty from within the nose, making their incision within the nostrils.Others prefer an “open” procedure, particularly in more complicated cases; they make a little incision across the columella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils.Once the nose surgery is complete, a splint is going to be applied to help your nose maintain its new shape. Nasal packs or soft plastic splints may also be placed in your nostrils to stabilize the septum, the dividing wall between your air passages

Recommended Clinics for Nose surgery in Brazil

There are lots of excellent Nose surgery clinics in Brazil, each offering an excellent medical service. Revitalise, based in Recife, is really a British company offering a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures at terrific prices. Another reptuable clients are Cosmetic Vacations who execute all types of Nose surgery measures in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. They are able to also help organize your travel and accommodation.

Dr. Eduardo Sucupira Plastic Surgery

This 130 square metre clinic is found in Barra Da Tijuca in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Dr. Eduardo Sucupira the plastic surgeon at the clinic assists patients choose they wish to look and feel. Advanced techniques assuring of the art equipment are utilized at the clinic. Plastic surgery procedures and alternative treatments are provided at the clinic. Plastic surgical treatments to alter the aspects of facial organs breasts and abdomen are carried out. Alternative treatments like acupuncture and Shiatsu will also be provided at the clinic.

Domingos De Paola Plastic Surgery Clinic

It is really an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic founded by Dr. Domingos De Paola, a cosmetic surgeon with 33 years of expertise and well kown by it´s lectures in Congresses all across the globe. Dr. Domingos has extensive experience of performing aesthetic plastic surgery “cutting edge” procedures, because the very new MACS lift a “weekend” Face-lift with very little down time. Facial surgery in addition to breast and butt implants (Brazilian Butt) and liposuction would be the most common procedures he performs. Having a very friendly staff Dr. Domingos clinic is within Copacabana surrounded by several good hotels. Non-surgical aesthetic remedies are also provided.

Complexo Elizeu Lavor Plastic Surgery Clinic Fortaleza

Offer an excellent quality of care, wearing our team a renowned plastic surgeon (person in Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery), anesthesiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, beauticians, massage therapists, physical educators and nutritionists, all employed in an integrated way in order to attain the best results for our patients.