If you are interested in plastic surgery abroad, you may choose the best medical tourism destination, Germany to get better surgery treatment.

Today, supply exceeds the demand in plastic surgery. Germany is one of the few countries where the patients have to wait the prescribed plastic surgery as much as 3 months. But the top from world plastic surgery collection is offered in germany. With many lively cosmopolitan cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, along with the natural beauty of the Black Forest, the Alps and the Rhine and Danube rivers, Germany has plenty of diversions to stimulate the medical tourist, and is also less than a two hour plane journey from your UK.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Germany

Plastic Surgery in Essen, Germany

Plastic Surgery Clinics and Surgeons in Germany

Plastic Surgery Treatment in Germany

The St. Josef Hospital along with its sister clinic, the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Hattingen-Niederwenigern, together constitute the Catholic Clinics from the Ruhr Peninsula. Both establishments are recognized for the high excellence of the treatment they provide and for a higher level of patient satisfaction. For a long time their specialist units have occupied top positions within the Rhine/Ruhr Clinic Guide research on patient satisfaction authored by the Ruhr Region Initiative.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

MunichAesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in Munich has been founded by Dr. Kremer following the returning from your US being a highly specialized center for cosmetic surgery in order to deliver state-of-the-art treatment using the latest, safe and least invasive methods of cosmetic surgery to our patients.

Harald Kuschnir Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

A full range of surgical and non surgical cosmetic appearance correction services are supplied by this clinic located in Munich, Germany. The primary surgeon has wide experience with performing procedures and creating the best possible results without compromising on the health insurance and beauty of patients. The team is committed to training so that patients get the advantage of the latest cosmetic surgical and non surgical techniques. Procedures performed are the surgical correction or augmentation of the facial features, breasts and body of patients, the non surgical administration of Treatment for wrinkles and lines and dermal filler injections, Mesotherapy and Theramlift procedures.

Villa Bella Clinics

With many lively cosmopolitan cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, along with the natural beauty from the Black Forest, the Alps and the Rhine and Danube rivers, Germany has lots of diversions to stimulate the medical tourist, and is under a two hour plane journey from the UK.

Berlin Klinik surgery clinic

Berlin Klinik international hospital in Berlin is definitely the first adress for international recognized dentistry, TMJ and plastic operations. Immediate dental Implant, Immediate Loading, Late dental Implants. Complete dental rehabilitation and dental implantology entirely anaesthesia. Full ceramic implant prosthetics. Inpatient and outpatient dental treatments.

Aestheticals Plastic Surgery Clinic Bochum

Plastic and aesthetic surgical treatment is the specialty of the clinic located in Witten in Germany. Procedures performed at the clinic include water- jet assisted liposuction, breast reduction, breast reconstruction after cancer of the breast, skin cancer surgery, surgery of skin tumours, forehead or brow lift, cheek and neck lifts, breast augmentation, breast lifts, surgical procedures to reshape the abdomen, thighs and arms and upper and the surgical rejuvenation of the lower and upper eyelid. Non surgical treatments performed at the clinic include the administration of Treatment for lines and wrinkles and dermal filler injections.

S-thetic Clinic Düsseldorf

A comprehensive array of cosmetic correction procedures are performed at this particular clinic situated in Dusseldorf in Germany. Surgical treatments performed include rhinoplasty, breast lifts, eyelid surgery, facelifts, genital rejuvenation surgery, liposuction and tummy tucks. Non surgical cosmetic procedures performed at the clinic include anti-aging treatments, administration of wrinkle relaxation Remedy for lines and wrinkles injections, treatments for sweating in excess, treatments for stretch marks, administration of dermal filler injections, laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal treatments and cosmetic dental treatments.

Plastic Surgeons in Germany

Professor Norbert Pallua

The Department of Cosmetic Surgery, Hand and Burns up Surgery at Aachen University Hospital is among the most highly regarded in Germany. It offers the entire spectrum of cosmetic surgery, which encompasses reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, hand surgery and treatment for burn sufferers.

Professor Marita Eisenmann-Klein

Plastic and aesthetic surgical treatment: innovative surgical methods improving quality of life. The specialist field of plastic and visual surgery is concerned withrebuilding form and function to areas of the body that have been ruined or destroyed by accidents or tumours. The harmonisation of physical features is yet another task of cosmetic surgeons. Members of the German Society of Plastic material, Reconstructive and Visual Surgeons are respected all over the world. This means that individuals are guaranteed healthcare services of the greatest standard all over Germany.

Dr Roberto Spierer

For Dr Roberto Spierer accuracy is everything – and it has to be. He does, in the end, perform operations as a cosmetic surgeon and hand surgeon, frequently working with a microscope. In the subsequent interview he talks about how he restores damaged neural system and how plastic surgery can help sufferers of accidents to achieve a much better quality of life. Within the Department for Hand, Plastic material and Aesthetic Surgery in the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital, operations are performed each on German and worldwide patients.