Plastic/Cosmetic surgery becomes popular as a beauty regimen. Below is a list of top Seven Countries offering some of top talent and best deals in the world plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, is not a thing beyond reach for anyone like it used to be. Plastic surgery is done to remove any type of blemishes from your body. It helps you look better by altering the skin. Not just the high or elite classes are using this field of science but ordinary and normal people are also involving themselves in enhancing their looks via surgery. The reason that this has reached out to the ordinary people is that there are more and more doctors interested in studying this and hence more clinics, thus cheaper surgery. In this article, We provide you with a list of the top Seven countries which deemed as leading professionals in the plastic surgeries.

South Korea

Top Plastic Surgery Countries

Top Plastic Surgery Countries

South Korea is the main center for plastic surgery globally. A research conducted in 2009 revealed that one of five women in Seoul experienced Plastic surgery; that means 20% of women of Seoul have made use of cosmetic surgery. Most frequent surgeries in South Korea concerns double eyelid surgery, medically called Blepharoplasty. A survey revealed that there were over 44,000 double eyelid surgeries performed. There is another frequent and performed surgeries are nose surgeries and liposuction.


USA is now in the sixth position but it is expected that the country will appear on the top charts in the coming years. This is because the plastic surgery sector in USA is growing very fast. A decade before, it was shameful to talk of plastic surgeries but as the world became open and modern, it was a symbol of status and people could talk about the cosmetic surgery easily without any shame. People talk about it all the time on this date. The most requested surgeries in the USA are liposuction and breast augmentation. The surgeries are growing in number every year and soon will become a good economic contributor of the USA.


Italy is the hub of plastic surgeries that conceals the symbols of aging. Botox injections are the surgical methods that place Italy in a high position. Injectable fillers are used to fill the wrinkles and chin uplift. Many Italians desire them to throw out any premature aging problems. About 815,000 surgeries are conducted annually in Italy. There is liposuction which is very accepted form of plastic surgery in Italy.


Brazil is a country that has a tax waiver on plastic surgeries which makes it very economical job in Brazil. The government of Brazil supports elective cosmetic surgery and the cost of that is to be deduced from the person’s income tax and this gives additional income to the plastic surgeons across the country. This step by the government has incremented the medical tourism in the country. The most common plastic surgeries done in Brazil are breast implants and liposuction. Plastic surgery is the reason why Brazil witnesses such perfect bodies and hotness. The procedures are so common in Brazil that they have now become a status symbol for the locals.


Plastic surgeons in Thailand are well-organized and dependable. The country is here in the list due to the inexpensive price of plastic surgery in the country. The Asian country enjoys special consideration of the western horde due to the completely precise services at wholly rational prices. Furthermore, secrecy of the client is respected more than any other place.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Plastic Surgery in South Korea


India embraces many qualified experts of plastic surgery. The services are precisely as good as what is provided by other leading countries. The only dissimilarity is the price. India gives services at a rational price. Foreign clients more compared to the country’s people. Moreover, the foreigners are cured with special concern and a range of facilities are obtainable to them.


Believe it or not, 2 million facial reconstructing surgeries are completed in China each year. This goes from higher cheekbones, narrower jawlines, bigger eyes to good old nose jobs. Surgeries in China now are performed in modern, well-equipped, licensed facilities, so prices now have risen to higher than those in Western countries.